Bakery Department

When you order glatt kosher food from our food delivery department, don't forget to satisfy your sweet tooth with some of the most delectable desserts. By stopping by our bakery department, it will be the perfect complement to the kosher wine you have just picked up for your family dinner. So if you order glatt kosher food, don't forget about the dessert!

At our bakery department, every day is a special occasion. When you order glatt kosher food and order dessert, you will know that you are getting nothing but the best ingredients with your baked goods. Each baked good starts off with using only the freshest ingredients.

When you buy baked goods from our bakery department, your guests will rave about the sugary goodness. Whether you are trying to satisfy your sweet tooth, impress your family and friends, find the perfect complement to a fabulously prepared dinner or just enjoy an after-dinner treat then our bakery department is the best place for you to go.

Our bakery department is dedicated to bringing you the desserts. We have the perfect selection for you every day needs as well as for all of your special occasions and celebrations. You will always be satisfied with the quality, selection and the prices that comes from our ovens. You will know that with every bread loaf that you break, every pastry that you bite into and every cake that you devour has been made with absolute love, dedication and attention to detail.

So that next time that you find yourself shopping at Santa Monica Glatt Kosher Market, don't forget to stop by our bakery department in order to stock up on all the baked goodies that are just waiting for you to take home. Remember, it is important not to forget about the dessert! After all, you deserve to add a little sweetness to your life and the best way to do that is through our bakery department.

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