Month: April 2021

In music, accidents are the mother of invention

Human error has on occasion yielded brilliant results

VENOM DID not intend to forge a new direction for heavy metal music when the band released its first single 40 years ago this month. When the three musicians (pictured) recorded their barbaric yawp in a low-fi studio in Wallsend, outside Newcastle-upon-Tyne, they proved incompetent. Anthony “Abaddon” Bray, the drummer, did not realise the snare was the most important part of his kit and ignored it entirely, pounding out a rhythm on the toms. That very amateurism, combined with the poor recording equipment, meant “In League With Satan” sounded

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Rottweiler Rescued After Injuring Paw on Hike in California Forest

Rottweiler Rescued After Injuring Paw on Hike in California Forest |

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Birthright Israel Trips Will Resume in May

Birthright Israel Trips Will Resume in May | Travel + Leisure

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What Type of Camping Is Right for You?


From backpacking to glamping, we break down five types of camping you can enjoy in Colorado this summer.


Ask a hardcore backpacker what type of person might enjoy sleeping on the ground and they’ll likely say, “Anyone!” The answer would probably be the same when asking a dedicated RVer about spending the night in a tricked-out van.

There may be some truth to that idea. Even the person who hates catching some shuteye in the dirt could conceivably have a good time backpacking. And someone who gets a thrill

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Listen to Ka$hdami’s “Look N the Mirror”: New Rap Music Today

Ka$hdami – “Look N the Mirror”

The plugg sound is flourishing right now. Originally founded by producers like MexikoDro, StoopidXool, and Polo Boy Shawty, it is defined by its lush melodies and choppy drums. The style has influenced a whole new wave of rappers and producers, and one of those happens to be the DMV-based teenage tough talker Ka$hdami. On “Look N the Mirror,” which could be his breakout single, he puts a fresh spin on both the plugg sound and the one tied to his local street rap scene. Like DMV-area rappers Xanman and Baby Fifty, Ka$hdami has an

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The Music City Meltdown – WSJ

For more than a decade, Nashville, Tenn., has been one of America’s hippest and fastest-growing cities. Anchored by the country-music industry and boosted by a hospitable state tax climate, the city and surrounding region attracted businesses and residents. While its music scene made it a tourist mecca, Nashville also lured a generation of college-educated transplants, earning a position as one of the country’s new “brainpower cities.”

These days Nashville is making its way onto other, less distinguished lists. The Institute for Truth in Accounting recently ranked it one of the country’s five worst “sinkhole” cities, with $22,000 in debt per

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When the Cellos Play, the Cows Come Home

LUND, Denmark — During a recent performance of Tchaikovsky’s “Pezzo Capriccioso,” a handful of audience members leaned forward attentively, their eyes bright, a few encouraging snuffles escaping from the otherwise hushed parterre. Though relative newcomers to classical music, they seemed closely attuned to the eight cellists onstage, raising their heads abruptly as the piece’s languid strains gave way to rapid-fire bow strokes.

When it was over, amid the fervent applause and cries of “bravo,” there could be heard a single, appreciative moo.

On Sunday, in Lund, a village about 50 miles south of Copenhagen, a group of elite cellists played

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Noel Gallagher teases arrival of new music this week

Noel Gallagher has teased that new music is set to arrive later this week.

Posting on social media, he simply shared a graphic with the date 29.04.21, which is tomorrow, contrasted against a coloured background.

While Noel shared no details, it’s thought that new music could be in the offing after he recently admitted to hitting a “purple patch” in his songwriting.

Speaking on Matt Morgan’s podcast, he said: “I’ve been in the studio on a bit of a roll. Bit of a run, bit of a purple patch, some mega tunes, really fucking great.

“I’m doing the songs for

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