Month: July 2021

Young Thug on Punk: New Album, YSL Plans, Sharing the Wealth

Young Thug stands swaddled in a blue Versace bathrobe. We’re inside a lounge on the fifth floor of a luxurious building in downtown Atlanta, where the team of realtors that just sold Thug a house have presented him with the lavish garment as a gesture of gratitude. Buying property is a complicated dance: Sign here, double-sign there, transfer oodles of money here. A gift exchange helps break up the monotony.

The house in question is a birthday present for Thug’s mother. Known to friends and family as Big Duck, she raised 11 kids, mostly on her own; Thug, born Jeffery

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Police Seize 48 Terabytes Of ‘Mostly Adult’ Films From Home Of Bollywood Actress Shilpa Shetty | The Guardian Nigeria News

Shilpa Shetty with her husband Raj Kundra. Pic/AFP

Indian police have seized 48 terabytes of ‘mostly adult’ images and videos during a raid on the home of Bollywood actress Shilpa Shetty as part of a probe into her husband’s alleged connections to porn production ring.

Shetty’s husband businessman Raj Kundra was arrested last week by police in Mumbai after allegedly luring a woman into making an X-rated film with the promise of an acting job.

Kundra’s custody has been extended until July 27. Police said they “have sufficient evidence” that the 45-year-old is “the key conspirator” in a case involving

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Small farms vanish every day in America’s dairyland: ‘There ain’t no future in dairy’ | Food

“Look at that sweet heifer, high, tight udder, in her first lactation, idn’t she sweet?” auctioneer Tom Bidlingmaier shouts as his son Cory plods and slips and pushes the cow around a pen.

Watching it all are about 65 people, mostly men, mostly other small farmers in rubber boots, standing in mud and manure as they murmur their bids. Ron Wallenhorst, the farmer auctioning off his herd of 64 milking cows, is pacing and tapping an empty water bottle against his thigh. He has milked cows in his barn twice a day, every day, after taking over the farm from

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Hike This: Test Out Your Hiking Gear at the Lone Pine Trail

Last month, I wrote about the Minnehaha Trail in Peninsula State Park. It’s no secret of a trail, with its western terminus located inside the popular Nicolet Bay campground and a route that wraps along the shoreline before connecting with the Eagle Trail at its eastern terminus. But what might not be as well

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The Senate Discussed Crowded National Parks This Week

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There’s no denying that the national parks have a crowd problem. This year, a post-lockdown wave of visitors has smashed park visitation records, forcing major destinations like Yosemite and Rocky Mountain National Parks to mandate reservations for visitors while others like Arches have had to shut their gates as parking lots filled. Now, Capitol Hill is taking notice: On June 28, a Senate subcommittee met to discuss crowding in the parks, hearing testimony from land managers and park advocates as they discussed potential solutions to the crush.

In recent months,

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Death in Venice and how film has mistreated child stars

In terms of the duty of care afforded him, Gilman had a chaperone in the form of his mother and received on-set tutoring together with Kara and the child actors who play a troop of scouts. Work days, incorporating three to five hours of schooling, totalled eight to 10 hours, as per Gilman’s recollection. (“I am not an objective resource!”, he cautions.) What he does know for certain, however, is that, “I enjoyed every day I worked on set, so I was totally OK with it, but we were working long hours,” he says. “I was not upset about that

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Grape Growing and Organic Farming Unite in Oregon

Wine grape-growing is a type of farming, but more and more wineries are diving into a complete, holistic approach that incorporates winemaking into a broader, farm-oriented lifestyle. These five Oregon winery farms prove that there are as many paths to success as there are vintners able to handle the challenges. 

The Joys of Problem Solving 

Big Table Farm  

Clare Carver and Brian Marcy admit that they have “made a lot of mistakes” in the 15 years that they’ve owned and developed Big Table Farm. But that confession comes with a big side order of joy. 

“The big, sloppy, naïve

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Accessible hiking expeditions make debut in two parks in New York

Friends of Access Israel and Paratrek have been assembling teams of hikers with and without disabilities to walk Central Park and Rockefeller State Park, both in New York.

The two organizations recently become the largest expedition of people with disabilities to conquer Mount Kilimanjaro, Africa’s highest mountain.

Starting on Aug. 1, the Friends of Access Israel Universal Expedition will launch its multi-year program in New York. Teams from around the world will participate in hikes of varying difficulty over a 12-day period. The hike/trek will capitalize on team members’ respective physical strengths, mental toughness and

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Tourists and Locals Will Soon Have to Pay a Departure Tax to Leave the Maldives

Tourists and Locals Will Soon Have to Pay a Departure Tax to Leave the Maldives | Travel + Leisure

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