Month: October 2021

Fashion, music at its best at Heineken Design Fashion Africa Showcase 2021

Top designers in the country and other parts of Africa came together to showcase different creative African fashion, towing the line of this year’s theme ‘Creative Cultures’.

Yomi Casual, Zikora, Jurio Lutti, Niposkin, Skentele by Etti, Studio Trybe,, Lulla Studio, Femi Toys, among others all showcased different fashion wears for men and women.

The Theme, ‘Creative Cultures’ responds to the growing need to blend the African Fashion and creative industries with global brands and partnerships, such as Heineken amongst others.

Fashion lovers were thrilled by the display of style on the runway, music lovers also have a great time

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Namibia: Experimental Farming Takes New Drive…as Veld Goat Courts Boer Goat

Vaanavi Ripunda is a man on a mission. He aims to breed a unique goat that will balance carcass weight, temperament and fertility, amongst others. To do this, he will need the fertility and browsing ability of the Indigenous Veld Goat (IVG) as well as the temperament and carcass weight of the Boer Goat.

Ripunda, through Okonganda Farming – his farming enterprise – has already set the ball in motion on his dream, and he is making steady progress.

The ambitious farmer has been on an experimental learning path with the IVG, also simply known as Veld goat, as he

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‘How a Year of Body-Positive Hiking Changed My Life’

It started as a joke. In June 2020, a friend asked Paige Emerson, then a graduate student, to go hiking. But the trek turned out to be tougher for the Old Town, Maine, resident than the trail app had promised. At that point, Emerson was pretty sedentary, and an inexperienced hiker.

“I think I went once as a kid, and then maybe two or three times before the pandemic,” she says about her previous hiking experience.

Emerson says she’d always wanted to be a regular hiker, but self-consciousness about her speed and size had held her back. “I really had

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Travel news: All countries to be removed from England’s red list

The travel system is here to stay, despite all countries turning green (Picture: Getty Images)

All countries will be removed from the red list in a major boost for the travel industry.

No one will be forced to pay thousands to quarantine in hotels from November 1 at 4am.

But the travel system will remain in place – meaning any country could still flip from green to red in the future.

There are currently just seven countries on the red list – Colombia, Peru, Panama, the Dominican Republic, Haiti, Venezuela and Ecuador

For the past eight months, those arriving from

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Black Friday Travel Sales 2021: Best Deals on Flights & Holidays

Black Friday is just around the corner, bringing unmissable deals just in time for many of us to enjoy our first getaway in a very long time.

Our articles are dedicated to helping you find the right product at the right price. We may receive revenue from affiliate and advertising partnerships for sharing this content and when you make a purchase. Learn more

It’s been a grim year or two for travel, with many of us cancelling flights and plans left, right and centre.

But at long last, Australia and the world at large are reopening, and I don’t know

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Music theory basics: notes, intervals, scales and chords explained

There can be little doubt that understanding how music works can help you to make better music; or, at the very least, make things easier when you’re at the composing stage of your project.

Here, we take things right back to basics by explaining what notes, intervals, scales and chords are, and how they’re all related.

1. Notes

The raw material of music, notes are the building blocks from which all chords and melodies are created.

Each note has a duration and a pitch. In the piano roll, the length of each note event in the display directly relates to

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Mom tries to film cute video of baby, then dad hilariously ‘ruins’ it when he dies in video game

A dad did the most dad thing when he interrupted a cute video of his baby girl.

TikToker Alejandro Herrera shared a video of his daughter and her mother. Although the father didn’t exactly make an appearance, his voice was definitely heard. 

The mom was trying to record a touching moment with their baby when Herrera got into a screaming match with his video game.

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“When daddy gets clapped in Warzone lol,” the

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