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Why were Michigan state police at Faster Horses festival Saturday

Michigan State Police say they are investigating a death at the Faster Horses Festival in Brooklyn, Michigan on Saturday.

BROOKLYN, Mich. — Michigan State Police are investigating a death at a music festival in Lenawee County on Saturday.

Police say a 30-year-old woman from Croswell, Michigan, Melissa Donna Havens, was found dead around 7:30 a.m. at the Faster Horses Festival in Brooklyn, Michigan.

The cause of the woman’s death is unknown at this time but police are continuing to investigate. 

Investigators say an autopsy will be performed on her body including a toxicology test.

Police are also attempting to identify

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The surprising place where pot farming first blossomed : Research Highlights


Humans first began cultivating cannabis, a source of both fibres and drugs, some 12,000 years ago.

Early humans domesticated cannabis about 12,000 years ago in what is now China — not in Central Asia, as had been widely thought.

Guangpeng Ren at Lanzhou University in China, Luca Fumagalli at the University of Lausanne in Switzerland and their colleagues sequenced the genomes of 82 cannabis plants (Cannabis sativa, the source of marijuana) from around the world. The team’s analysis of those genomes and 28 others that had been sequenced previously revealed that they fell into

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Man falls to death hiking Provo Canyon with 9-year-old boy

A sheriff’s office says a Utah man fell to his death near Bridal Veil Falls in Provo Canyon

SPANISH FORK, Utah — A Utah man hiking with the young son of his fiancee fell to his death near Bridal Veil Falls in Provo Canyon, leaving the 9-year-old boy to climb down the mountain by himself, authorities said.

The boy’s mother called for help, saying she could see her son from below, crying and alone, according to a press

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IBM and Amadeus Integrate Travel Health Platforms Amid Travel Rebound | Technology News

MADRID (Reuters) – Spain’s Amadeus will integrate IBM’s digital health pass into its Traveler ID platform in a bid to simplify the verification of passengers’ health credentials during the boarding process, the companies said in a joint statement on Thursday.

The aviation, tourism, and tech sectors have deepened their collaboration since the pandemic began, with a host of new digital applications and products springing up in response to a global patchwork of restrictions and requisites to travel.

IBM’s system – which uses encyryption and blockchain technologies to authenticate diagnostic tests such as antigen or PCR – assigns passengers a QR

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How to Become a Zero-Waste Hiker

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If you’ve ever stopped in a town near a long-trail, you’ve probably seen hikers re-packaging their food. We trade cookie tins and cartons for Ziploc bags, creating a compact food bag. And by the time we’ve completed our weekly resupply, many of us end up with a pile of trash that’s destined for the landfill. 

This re-packaging makes it possible for us to support ourselves as we travel on foot, but it also means that we leave behind a large trash footprint in the places we love. With a little

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Rebel Road roars back in Muskegon with stunt shows, live music

MUSKEGON, MI – Stunt shows and live music helped welcome motorcyclists to Rebel Road on Friday, July 16.

Stephanie Jenkins, who attended every Rebel Road rally since it began in 2015, said she’s looking forward to being back after two years without an event.

“It’s good for Muskegon. It brings money to the town and bikes,” Jenkins said.

Motorcycles lined the streets in downtown Muskegon Friday for the return of Rebel Road and Bike Time. The rallies, held over the same weekend in Muskegon, draw thousands to the city for a celebration of bikes, food, music and more. Both events

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“Food sovereignty’: Community gardens, urban farms in Sacramento

This is the third installment in a Sacramento Bee series on local food insecurity. The first and second parts are available to read online.

Alexandria White’s garden doesn’t look like a traditional garden.

The crops aren’t planted in perfect rows in the side yard of her Oak Park home. The tomatoes are tucked between bright sunflowers. Cucumbers grow next to eggplants and peppers. She had to cut back her rosemary bush because it was starting to take over.

But White said growing her own food over the last five years or so has been both fulfilling and empowering. She and

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Awesome at Hiking, Terrible With Money


In an essay at Outside magazine, Gloria Liu explores a phenomenon that hits close to home for herself: Young, outdoorsy types tend to be terrible with money. Liu, now in her late 30s, uses herself as Exhibit A, but she notes that many of her friends also fit the description. In her 20s, after ditching a nice-paying job in financial services, she embraced what she calls the “dirtbag lifestyle.” She’d survive on wages operating chairlifts in a ski town, for example, before moving on to the next town. She’d save just enough cash—her “f— you money”—to

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Canada border reopening to fully vaccinated US citizens Aug. 9

Canada will reopen to fully vaccinated U.S. citizens and permanent residents next month.

“On August 9, 2021, at 12:01 a.m. EDT, fully vaccinated citizens and permanent residents of the United States (U.S.), currently residing in the U.S., will be permitted to enter Canada for discretionary (non-essential) travel,” Canada said in a statement.

A COVID-19 vaccination must be complete at least 14 days prior to entry. 

Children under the age of 12 or who are not yet eligible for vaccination in the U.S. or unvaccinated dependent children will be allowed to enter the country with a fully vaccinated parent, step-parent,

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Exploring London Via Hostel Is A Great Experience, And You Can Start With These

There is so much to see and do in the historic city of London; landmarks, museums, pubs, architecture, culture, and more—with something for every traveler. However, the city can get expensive, and this is why many visitors decide to bunk up in more affordable accommodations like hostels.

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But don’t be intimidated by the word ‘hostel,’ as these offerings are a far cry from a dingy, dirty room packed with saggy beds in someone’s attic. The new wave of hostels is chic, trendy, clean, affordable, and best

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