Engineer to Professional Backpacking Guide in 1 Year

At the beginning of 2017, I’d never been backpacking. Never. I was an office-dwelling engineer with only the occasional day hike to get me outdoors. By 2018, I was a professional backpacking guide in the Pacific Northwest. That intervening year was extraordinary.

I’d found my love for hiking and turned it into an epic career that took me from Norway to Nicaragua. Along the way, I discovered – or incidentally stumbled across – the answers to the most common question I’m asked: “how do you become a professional backpacking guide?”

Guiding a Crew of Hikers in Nicaragua with Momotombo

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No More Yard Sales: Our Favorite Products for Backcountry Gear Organization

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The freedom of the outdoors doesn’t mean you should just dump all your gear into your backpack and hope for the best. The weight distribution of your pack is going to be off, you might forget things at home or in camp, and it’s going to be hard to find what you need without taking everything out. These five organizers will help you keep track of your gear so you can focus on the trail ahead.

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Best for Clothes Storage: Therm-a-Rest Stuff Sack Pillow

This is no ordinary

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Emerging Gear: Accordion Backpack, Modular Cast Iron, Ibex Return, and More | 2021-05-06

Take a peek at emerging products from the sometimes cutting-edge, sometimes quirky world of gear design. Explore the grid or click through for a slideshow.

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Allbirds Dasher Relay Slip-On Runner

On the heels (ha!) of its first purpose-built running shoe, Allbirds updates the knit Dasher by stripping the laces. That’s right, according to the brand, “from running errands to running a 5k, the style is easy to slip on

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Best Travel Rewards Credit Cards in May 2021 | Personal Finance

See: The Best Ways To Use Your Miles

All of these will depend on what level of card you qualify for as well as how much you’re willing to pay in annual fees, so consider what the perks are worth to you personally.

Best No Annual Fee Credit Card

Although it is important to look at annual fees, when it comes to choosing among travel rewards cards, the annual fee generally should not be a deciding factor. Oftentimes, an annual fee is offset by other benefits, such as travel vouchers or lounge access.

However, if you don’t want to pay

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Israeli backpacker ‘stuck’ in Bright reflects on travel in pandemic | The Border Mail

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A fictional television show about two daughters who reunited after 20 years and took on their father’s cattle station, was the thing that first sparked Israeli national Ofer Shamir’s interest in travelling to Australia. “As a teenager I really liked ‘McLeod’s Daughters’,” Ms Shamir said. “I really wanted to come to Australia, so when I got the chance to, I was like ‘ok, that sounds like a good idea’.” Ms Shamir has been living in Bright for about two months, after arriving in Australia in January last year. She sat down with The Border Mail for a chat

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South China Morning PostFrom poste restante to pay phones, how the internet changed travelTalking of music, backpacker bottlenecks from Khao San Road, Bangkok, to Kuta Beach, Bali, always boasted counterfeit cassette tape, VCD and …21 hours ago

South China Morning PostFrom poste restante to pay phones, how the internet changed travelTalking of music, backpacker bottlenecks from Khao San Road, Bangkok, to
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Reintroducing Black Bears to Oklahoma

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Bearpacker is Backpacker’s annual celebration of bear safety, science, and stories. 

Rambler, a black bear with brown points on his nose and eyebrows, spends late spring and early summer months in eastern Oklahoma. When autumn closes in, he moves west. As the crow flies, he covers about 60 miles, but as a bear walks, it’s farther. It’s no pleasure cruise: Rambler is after what he and his species need to survive. 

Bears have been spilling over into Oklahoma from a reintroduction effort in Arkansas, and females occupy new landscapes more

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What Type of Camping Is Right for You?


From backpacking to glamping, we break down five types of camping you can enjoy in Colorado this summer.


Ask a hardcore backpacker what type of person might enjoy sleeping on the ground and they’ll likely say, “Anyone!” The answer would probably be the same when asking a dedicated RVer about spending the night in a tricked-out van.

There may be some truth to that idea. Even the person who hates catching some shuteye in the dirt could conceivably have a good time backpacking. And someone who gets a thrill

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[Startup Bharat] How a Portugal trip inspired this entrepreneur to start a hostel chain out of Goa

While studying at Symbiosis Institute of Management Studies, Pune, Ryan Prazeres had received a scholarship for an exchange semester in 2012 in Lisbon, Portugal.

While in the European country, Ryan took a road trip with his classmates through Spain, where he stayed at a couple of hostels. “After experiencing that culture, I knew I wanted to bring it back home someday,” says Ryan. 

For the next few years, Ryan gained experience in the fields of hospitality, finance, and sales. And in May 2019, he started Piggy Hostels in Goa

Piggy Hostels is a Goa-based backpacker hostel startup that

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Visiting (Almost) Every National Park In A Year

While the rest of us spent 2020 indoors watching TV, Emily Pennington set out to visit every single one of the country’s 63 national parks.

The parks and travel columnist for Outside Online made it to all but two parks: New River Gorge in West Virginia, the latest addition to the list, and American Samoa in the South Pacific.

The idea to visit every park started where many big adventures do — a breakup. Pennington previously dated an Eagle Scout who took her on her first backpacking trip.

“I noticed that when that relationship had ended, I found myself

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