People Fail To Recognize Factory Farming’s Link To Zoonotic Diseases, Study Says

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Many people do not recognize factory farming’s link to zoonotic diseases, according to a new study. 

Research led by the University of Kent found participants ‘blame’ the wild animal trade or lack of government preparation for epidemic outbreaks – not animal agriculture.

Zoonotic diseases

The study also showed those who are ‘highly committed’ to eating meat ‘struggle to acknowledge global meat consumption as a link to the problem’.

Moreover, even after being informed about the risks of factory farms in the spread of disease – meat-eaters were ‘still less convinced of policies to change or ban

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Former meatpacking plant turned into collaborative community of farming and small food business

CHICAGO — After decades of production, the former Peer Foods meatpacking plant in the Back of the Yards neighborhood sat idol for years.  Described by a real estate broker as a “strip and rip,” it was on the market to be stripped of its stainless steel, copper, and anything else of value. 

The Plant as it looks like today

Bubbly Dynamics saw tremendous potential in this USDA-grade facility and envisioned reusing the structure to incubate food and farming businesses. It would bring much-needed jobs back to a disinvested community in a “food desert” lacking healthy food options.

John Edel is

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Flush times for farmers, buoyed by strong markets and pandemic aid

Farmers in the Midwest and Plains are reaping a cash bonanza that has dramatically improved their finances a year after the pandemic pummeled commodity markets and prompted a record $46 billion in federal payments to agriculture, said three regional Federal Reserve banks on Thursday. The banks in Kansas City, Chicago, and Minneapolis said farm income strengthened in the early months of this year, a continuation of the improvement seen at the end of 2020.

“After a sharp rebound at the end of 2020, conditions in the broad agricultural economy continued to improve alongside increases in crop prices,” said the Kansas

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Green gold: Avocado farming on the rise in Africa | Africa | DW

Baker Ssengendo’s vision for the future of Uganda starts with an avocado seedling. “The avocado tree has a lifespan of about 50 years. The life expectancy of an average Ugandan is about 60 years. A tree can benefit them their entire life,” he told DW.

Ssengendo works on the 1,000 hectares (2,470 acres) of Musubi Farm in Mayuge district, eastern Uganda ­— the largest Hass avocado farm in the country. “By working in avocado farming, I am fulfilling my life dream. We want to lift our communities out of poverty.”

Due to high global demand, the avocado has become a

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New Smart Farming Robot Unveiled That ‘Smokes’ Weeds With High-Powered Lasers For Healthy Weeding

Carbon Robotics

Weeds compete for soil nutrients, water, space, and sunlight with the crops farmers grow to help feed people. Now a third-generation weeding robot, armed with lasers and powered by AI, offers the ultimate labor-saving device—while also eliminating the need for chemical herbicides.

The Autonomous Weeder by Carbon Robotics can eliminate 100,000 weeds per hour, and clear 15-20 acres in a single day—numbers that require a person working an entire season to match.

Trundling down a row of crops, a battery of twelve cameras scan the ground, identifying weeds through machine-learning and killing them with a CO2 laser. CO2

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Arknights: RIIC Orundum Farming Guide | Arknights Wiki

Adjust as needed for CN/EN operators and factory/TP level. 


4 operator 252 or 342 rotation setup  

Trading posts 1, 2, or 3: 

Lappland/Texas/e0 Jaye (121%) | Exu, Snowsant, a 30% op (100%) 

Croissant, Matoi, Mousse, or another 30% op (90%) | Bibeak, Shamare, Kafka (92%) | Ambriel, Gum, Sora, or another 30% op (90%) 

Factory 1 and 2 EXP: 

FEater, Conviction, Waai-Fu (110%) | Vermeil, ceobe, Scene (91-106%) | Shirayuki, Vigna, Frostleaf, castle (90%) 

Factory 3 GOLD: Haze, Gravel, Rosmontis* (105%) | Bubble, asbestos, vulcan (91%) 

Factory 4 GOLD: Ptilo, Silence, Mayer, spot (80-85%) 

Factory 5 EXP/gold:  SWAPPABLE: Perfumer, Steward,

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High-tech manure | Successful Farming

New innovations and technologies have transformed manure applications. A waste product no more, this organic fertilizer is part of many farmers’ crop plans. Here are ways the manure business has joined the precision ag movement.

Variable-rate technology

Two years ago, John Deere released HarvestLab 3000, which uses infrared sensors to analyze liquid manure, providing real-time values for nitrogen, potassium, phosphorous, and dry matter content. Operators can adjust the gallons applied per acre based on nutrient values shown on the display in the tractor cab. Using JDLink Connect, data can be sent to the John Deere Operations Center for mapping and

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Yield Farming on Solana

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As the blockchain wars continue to heat up in the second quarter of 2021, yield farming is no longer an activity purely reserved for Ethereum users. The simple act of staking your assets into a platform to earn more tokens has quickly become popular on other blockchains such as Binance Smart Chain and more recently, Solana.

Although it has not yet reached the level of participation seen on other networks, the Solana ecosystem is growing steadily, with projects such as Step Finance and Raydium bringing unprecedented attention to Solana.

Yet, the Solana ecosystem may be

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This Restaurant-Led Agriculture Effort Wants To Help Farmers And Ranchers Fight Climate Change

Myint is a restaurateur and the co-founder of Zero Foodprint, a nonprofit working with Boulder County to support regenerative agriculture projects that can help fight climate change.

Restore Colorado is a simple idea, but Myint hopes it will have a big impact. Restaurants and other food businesses donate 1 percent of their profits to fund farming and ranching projects that suck carbon from the atmosphere through plants that take in the greenhouse gas and store it in healthy soil. Some see regenerative agriculture as a key way to reduce the amount of CO2 in the air worsening

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