Small farms vanish every day in America’s dairyland: ‘There ain’t no future in dairy’ | Food

“Look at that sweet heifer, high, tight udder, in her first lactation, idn’t she sweet?” auctioneer Tom Bidlingmaier shouts as his son Cory plods and slips and pushes the cow around a pen.

Watching it all are about 65 people, mostly men, mostly other small farmers in rubber boots, standing in mud and manure as they murmur their bids. Ron Wallenhorst, the farmer auctioning off his herd of 64 milking cows, is pacing and tapping an empty water bottle against his thigh. He has milked cows in his barn twice a day, every day, after taking over the farm from

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Grape Growing and Organic Farming Unite in Oregon

Wine grape-growing is a type of farming, but more and more wineries are diving into a complete, holistic approach that incorporates winemaking into a broader, farm-oriented lifestyle. These five Oregon winery farms prove that there are as many paths to success as there are vintners able to handle the challenges. 

The Joys of Problem Solving 

Big Table Farm  

Clare Carver and Brian Marcy admit that they have “made a lot of mistakes” in the 15 years that they’ve owned and developed Big Table Farm. But that confession comes with a big side order of joy. 

“The big, sloppy, naïve

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India farmers to protest near parliament to demand repeal of laws | Agriculture News

As monsoon session of parliament began this week, 200 protesters will gather in central New Delhi to continue their protests.

Indian farmers, protesting about three new farm laws they say threaten their livelihoods, will start a sit-in demonstration near parliament in the centre of the capital New Delhi in a renewed push to pressure the government to repeal the laws.

In the longest-running growers’ protest against Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s government, tens of thousands of farmers have camped out on main highways leading to New Delhi for more than seven months.

As India’s monsoon session of parliament began this week,

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Farming Simulator 22 Outlines Seasons in PS5, PS4 Agriculture Sim

Don’t worry, we’re not talking about those kind of seasons: Farming Simulator 22 is not hopping on the Battle Pass bandwagon, but is instead adding seasons to its gameplay loop in order to make for a more authentic agricultural experience. The video above gives a good overview of how it all works, showcasing the visual alterations you can expect as you lurch from spring to summer and so on.

Effectively, each in-game day will represent a month, and you can set how long you want each 24 hour period to be. You’ll need to think ahead because specific crops will

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The surprising place where pot farming first blossomed : Research Highlights


Humans first began cultivating cannabis, a source of both fibres and drugs, some 12,000 years ago.

Early humans domesticated cannabis about 12,000 years ago in what is now China — not in Central Asia, as had been widely thought.

Guangpeng Ren at Lanzhou University in China, Luca Fumagalli at the University of Lausanne in Switzerland and their colleagues sequenced the genomes of 82 cannabis plants (Cannabis sativa, the source of marijuana) from around the world. The team’s analysis of those genomes and 28 others that had been sequenced previously revealed that they fell into

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“Food sovereignty’: Community gardens, urban farms in Sacramento

This is the third installment in a Sacramento Bee series on local food insecurity. The first and second parts are available to read online.

Alexandria White’s garden doesn’t look like a traditional garden.

The crops aren’t planted in perfect rows in the side yard of her Oak Park home. The tomatoes are tucked between bright sunflowers. Cucumbers grow next to eggplants and peppers. She had to cut back her rosemary bush because it was starting to take over.

But White said growing her own food over the last five years or so has been both fulfilling and empowering. She and

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Over 1,900 acres of crown jewel Garst family farm set for August auction

Interest is growing in a historic family farm described as a “crown jewel” by Peoples Company and Community Insurance Agency. The eight parcels in Coon Rapids, Iowa, that are up for auction on August 17 have a lot working in their favor.

The land is being sold by the agriculturally innovative Garst family, who famously hosted Soviet leader Nikita Khrushchev during the Cold War in 1959.

Long-term soil conservation practices have been implemented over decades on the land parcels going to auction. They include no-till practices in place since the 1980s, the introduction of cover crops in 2013, terraces, buffer

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In Virginia, military veterans take on their next mission: farming

In our series “A More Perfect Union,” “CBS This Morning” aims to show that what unites us as Americans is far greater than what divides us.

Nearly half of U.S. farmers are planning to retire in the next five years, and it’s not clear who will replace them. One group in Virginia may have a solution: military members and veterans, who are being trained not only to do the job, but also to help some of the millions of people who don’t have easy access to fresh fruits and vegetables.

At Arcadia Farm, in Alexandria, Va., on land once

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Billionaire Jim Mellon Predicts End of Meat and Dairy Farming Is Near

Billionaire investor, businessman, and author Jim Mellon recently stated that he believes half of the world’s meat will be replaced with plant-based or cultured meat (where meat is grown in a lab from a small amount of animal cells) in the next 10 years. This prediction is the only way the human race will be able to mitigate future pandemics such as COVID-19, Mellon says. 

“At the time of [the COVID-19] pandemic, when the virus has come out of agriculture malpractice in the Far East, we need to do something about our food supply. We need to make it cleaner;

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A Better Cocoa Bean? Israel Launches Accelerator to Give Ghana’s Farming Startups a High-Tech Boost

Dried cocoa beans are packed in hessian sacks on a cocoa farm near Amankwakram in Western Ghana on the border with Ivory coast February 14, 2011. REUTERS/Hereward Holland

Before he became the poultry king of Ghana, Kwabena Darko was a young student in central Israel.

Hailing from a small village in Ghana’s southern Ashanti region, Darko won a scholarship in the late 1950s to study poultry science and agriculture at the Ruppin Institute, near the Israeli city of Netanya. By 1967, he had returned to his home country and left his family pasture to start Darko Farms, which has since

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