Upcoming Netflix film ‘Fatherhood’ captures Minnesota family’s love, loss and everything in between

The movie premieres June 18 on Netflix.

Fatherhood is a movie, but it isn’t all made up.

It is the story of a father, his daughter, and their journey together that started on the day she was born, which was the day before her mother died.

The father is Matt Logelin.

He is from the Twin Cities and for 13 years he shared his life, married and was expecting a baby girl with Liz Logelin.

Liz was also from the Twin Cities.

The movie the world will see on June 18th when it premiers on Netflix was years in the

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How Disney’s ‘Cruella’ Shows the Decline of the G-Rated Movie

The “101 Dalmatians” live-action prequel in theaters and on


+ on Friday is rated PG-13, taking the prized Disney property out of G territory for the first time in its 60-year screen history. Cruella, the skunk-haired villain with a taste for puppy fur, has finally run the kid-friendly rating under the wheels of her Coupe de Ville en route to the box office.

Disney’s choice to ditch young audiences for a Cruella origin story set in 1970s punk rock London marks the Disney brand’s third PG-13 release since last year—one of its biggest flurries of PG-13 movies to date—and

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Summer movies 2021: The 19 buzziest movies, and how to watch them

Though plenty of movies came out in the summer of 2020, the pandemic and widespread movie theater shutdowns led major Hollywood studios to postpone their biggest releases into 2021 and beyond. Now the summer is nearly upon us, and with theaters reopening across America, a whole lot of movies are coming our way.

What can you watch this summer as the multiplex — and much of the world — reopens? Lots of franchise fare and sequels. Original animated films and goofy comedies. Horror, musicals, thrillers, and plenty of superheroes. For movie lovers, it may feel like coming home.

There are

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Should Briana Continue To Film With Her ‘New Guy’ Javi On Teen Mom 2?

Briana has a “new guy” in her life named Javi — and during tonight’s Teen Mom 2 episode, the mother of two filmed with the tattoo artist for the first time.

Some context about the duo: The two have been “hanging out” for a few months, he is a single father (the pair’s kids have met) and Roxanne has yet to be introduced to him.

While Briana admitted it was a “struggle” to show this side of herself to the TM2 audience, Javi seemed at ease as cameras rolled while he worked on some ink on Bri (Bri’s friend Shae

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Space Station May Host Wave of TV Shows and Films

“We’re finally able to open our doors to private citizens and allow others to experience the magic of living and working in space,” said Dana Weigel, deputy manager for the space station at NASA. “The dream is really to allow everyone access to space, and this is a pretty exciting starting point here.”

Producers of Discovery’s “Who Wants to Be an Astronaut” expect the winner to be on board for the second Axiom mission to the space station, which might take off six or seven months after the first one. For now, an agreement between the Discovery team and Axiom

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After Noel Clarke: can the UK film and TV industry bring an end to on-set bullying? | Television industry

After 20 women came forward to tell the Guardian they had been sexually harassed and bullied by the actor, director, screenwriter and producer Noel Clarke, the question on many people’s lips was: did other people in the industry know about this? And if not, why not?

While some of the incidents of harassment or bullying took place without witnesses, others happened in front of colleagues and senior production staff. The assistant film director Anna Avramenko, who worked as an intern on the film Doghouse in 2008, told the Guardian that Clarke approached her on set and “started trying to

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Sarah Colt on Why 2021 Is the Right Time for a Film About Billy Graham

Tenacious and tireless, Billy Graham was blessed with what more than one observer called animal magnetism. When he died at age 99 in 2018, he was estimated to have preached in person to 210 million people.

He was also a savvy political player, and that’s the focus of the new PBS “American Experience” documentary, “Billy Graham.” Premiering Monday, the two-hour film, directed by Sarah Colt (“The Disrupted”), portrays a preacher drawn to power like a moth to a flame. After getting the cold shoulder from Harry Truman, a staunch believer in the separation of church and state, Graham went on

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Paul McCartney says Queen Elizabeth “looked like a film star” to “pre-teen boys in Liverpool”

Queen Elizabeth II signaled a new dawn in 1953. For the first time, television cameras would be allowed inside Westminster Abbey to broadcast a royal coronation. 

“Till then we hadn’t had a television,” Sir Paul McCartney said in the CBS Special “The Queen Carries On: A Gayle King Special.” “And me and my younger brother were always begging our parents, ‘Can we get a TV?’ … Well then suddenly for the coronation, everyone got one.”

Across Britain, 27 million people tuned in, including McCartney, who had also written a prize-winning essay about the young queen.

As young boys watching the

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Wes Anderson to Shoot Next Film in Spain This Summer

With Wes Anderson’s The French Dispatch finally confirmed to world premiere at Cannes Film Festival (who have delayed their full selection announcement to June 3), we’re waiting to see when Searchlight Pictures will follow up with the U.S. release date, but in the meantime, the director is setting his sights on his next project. Last fall it was reported he’d be embarking on a new romance film set in, fittingly, Rome but it looks like plans have shifted.

El Pais reports that the director will be staying in Europe, but headed to Spain––specifically Chinchón in southeast Madrid––this July, August, and

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Is Daviyon Nixon The Steal Of The Draft?

Every year in the draft, a player or player falls well beyond where they are expected to be drafted and falls into a team’s lap at a point where they can hardly believe their luck. Of course, this isn’t a guarantee that the prospect in question will turn out to be a roaring success, but in Daviyon Nixon the Panthers have managed to find a player in the fifth round who many expected to go as high as the second round. 

At 6’3 and 313lbs Nixon has the size to play both the 1- and 3-techs in the 4-3 front

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