Hike This: Test Out Your Hiking Gear at the Lone Pine Trail

Last month, I wrote about the Minnehaha Trail in Peninsula State Park. It’s no secret of a trail, with its western terminus located inside the popular Nicolet Bay campground and a route that wraps along the shoreline before connecting with the Eagle Trail at its eastern terminus. But what might not be as well

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Accessible hiking expeditions make debut in two parks in New York

Friends of Access Israel and Paratrek have been assembling teams of hikers with and without disabilities to walk Central Park and Rockefeller State Park, both in New York.

The two organizations recently become the largest expedition of people with disabilities to conquer Mount Kilimanjaro, Africa’s highest mountain.

Starting on Aug. 1, the Friends of Access Israel Universal Expedition will launch its multi-year program in New York. Teams from around the world will participate in hikes of varying difficulty over a 12-day period. The hike/trek will capitalize on team members’ respective physical strengths, mental toughness and

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Danner Trail 2650 Campo Hiking Shoe Review

Scouting Report: These hiking shoes are so comfortable, each step feels great, and thanks to their lightweight design, they don’t weigh me down either.

Traveling is officially back and I couldn’t be more excited. After spending lockdown in New York, I’m ready to hit the open air, hike through forests, ride past streams, trample up mountains—all of that good stuff. But, since I haven’t been hiking a ton over the last year or so, I decided it was time to upgrade my footwear. I’m glad I did because I haven’t found a more comfortable pair of shoes to hike in

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Man falls to death hiking Provo Canyon with 9-year-old boy

A sheriff’s office says a Utah man fell to his death near Bridal Veil Falls in Provo Canyon

SPANISH FORK, Utah — A Utah man hiking with the young son of his fiancee fell to his death near Bridal Veil Falls in Provo Canyon, leaving the 9-year-old boy to climb down the mountain by himself, authorities said.

The boy’s mother called for help, saying she could see her son from below, crying and alone, according to a press

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Awesome at Hiking, Terrible With Money


In an essay at Outside magazine, Gloria Liu explores a phenomenon that hits close to home for herself: Young, outdoorsy types tend to be terrible with money. Liu, now in her late 30s, uses herself as Exhibit A, but she notes that many of her friends also fit the description. In her 20s, after ditching a nice-paying job in financial services, she embraced what she calls the “dirtbag lifestyle.” She’d survive on wages operating chairlifts in a ski town, for example, before moving on to the next town. She’d save just enough cash—her “f— you money”—to

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Michigan couple spends 6 months hiking

Four days after their April 2 wedding, Michigan residents Nick and Kara Saur were covering their skin with industrial-strength bug repellant, not SPF 30 suntan lotion.

And the adventure-seeking newlyweds – Kara is a native of Canton; Nick was born and raised in the Grand Rapids area – were lacing up hiking boots, not slipping on sandals, for a six-month, 2,193-mile journey on the Appalachian Trail.

“It started out as a joke, to be honest,” Kara Saur said, chuckling, as she and Nick neared the 1,300-mile mark of their journey July 8 somewhere in northwest New Jersey. “We thought, ‘What

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Google Maps Shows Users “Potentially Fatal” Route on Ben Nevis

In this May 2000 file photograph, sheep graze at the base of Ben Nevis in Scotland.

In this May 2000 file photograph, sheep graze at the base of Ben Nevis in Scotland.
Photo: Lisa Marie Pane (AP)

A few years ago, instead of leading my best friend and I through a lovely and picturesque Spanish mountain trail, Google Maps took us to an isolated field with some cows. While I learned then not trust the internet when it comes to nature, it appears that an increasing number of visitors to the Scottish mountain Ben Nevis continue to do so, which could endanger their lives.

In recent days, the United Kingdom conservation charity John

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61-year-old champion runner goes missing during hike at Yosemite National Park

Fred Zalokar, a world-traveled ultramarathon runner from Reno, has gone missing during a

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Despite closure, hundreds continue to try hiking popular trailhead

HONOLULU (KHON2) — If you do a web search for Maunawili Falls, the top results will tell you the popular trail is closed.

While the actual falls are still open, the main trailhead was shut down by the state earlier this week and is expected to remain closed for two years.

The main trailhead is on private property in a quiet residential neighborhood, and the landowner decided to hire a private security company to remind hikers of the closure.

“[When you look online] it says temporarily closed, and I explain that to them,” said Randy Hartnett, whose security company Executive

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Adrian Vanderklis plunges to his death in Utah while hiking with fiancee’s son

A man hiking with his fiancee’s 9-year-old son plunged to his death near a natural waterfall in Utah on Saturday, authorities said.

The hiker was identified as 40-year-old Adrian Vanderklis by the Utah County Sheriff’s Office, which said he apparently fell while hiking with the boy at Bridal Veil Falls in Provo Canyon.

“Utah Department of Public Safety responded to the area and team members found Mr. Vanderklis about 7:45 PM on a very steep, near vertical, slope about 1/3 of a mile west of Bridal Veil Falls at an elevation of about 5,800 feet,” the sheriff’s office said in

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