UMG Giving X Factor Israel Winner a Record Deal

Artists discovered on Cowell’s television shows have sold more than 600 million records, and include such acts as One Direction, Fifth Harmony, Leona Lewis and Susan Boyle.

“The belief in the talent and the market is why we set up our own Universal Music entity in Israel and why UMG was the first major global music company to do so in Israel,” Yoram Mokady, Universal Music Israel’s Managing Director, tells Billboard. “This will help the next generation of Israeli music talent to reach audiences around the world.”

Last month, the Israeli Public Broadcasting Corporation announced that The X

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The Woman in the Window and film’s most cursed productions

Not that any film should be condemned on the basis of its creators’ trials and tribulations. Most of the problems listed above had nothing to do with the production itself; besides, reshoots and personnel changes are part of the Hollywood process. Eric Stoltz was swapped for Michael J Fox when shooting was underway on Back To The Future, and Harvey Keitel was swapped for Martin Sheen on Apocalypse Now, and neither of those films turned out too badly. In 1997, Titanic was a byword for illnesses, injuries, spiralling costs and missed deadlines, but once it became a record-breaking hit, winning

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Flush times for farmers, buoyed by strong markets and pandemic aid

Farmers in the Midwest and Plains are reaping a cash bonanza that has dramatically improved their finances a year after the pandemic pummeled commodity markets and prompted a record $46 billion in federal payments to agriculture, said three regional Federal Reserve banks on Thursday. The banks in Kansas City, Chicago, and Minneapolis said farm income strengthened in the early months of this year, a continuation of the improvement seen at the end of 2020.

“After a sharp rebound at the end of 2020, conditions in the broad agricultural economy continued to improve alongside increases in crop prices,” said the Kansas

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China travel bookings soar during May Labor Day holiday as Covid eases

Visitors walk along the Badaling section of the Great Wall in Beijing, China, on Tuesday, May 4, 2021.

Yan Cong | Bloomberg | Getty Images

BEIJING — Millions of Chinese rushed to travel during the five-day Labor Day holiday, in yet another sign of gradual recovery in domestic consumption.

May 1 to 5 marked the “hottest” public holiday for leisure travel since the coronavirus pandemic, Chinese travel booking site said in a statement Wednesday translated by CNBC. The reemergence of Covid-19 on the outskirts of Beijing earlier this year prompted local authorities to restrict travel during the Spring Festival

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Kenwood backpacker writes cookbook for those who love camping

After buying a food dehydrator, Aksamit started mixing her own trail meals, blending ingredients she dehydrated with plain, freeze-dried vegetables and meat that she bought. The DIY pouch meals ended up being healthier and more filling, with less salt and chemicals and more protein and flavor.

“While hiking the High Sierra Trail, I realized I needed more protein, so I can control that and I can make it flavorful by making my own tomato powder,” she said. “It still looks like an MRE (meal ready to eat), but it is better quality.”

To be inclusive, the author provided vegetarian/vegan variations

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Listen to EST Gee’s “Funk Flex Freestyle”: New Rap Music Today

EST Gee – “Funk Flex Freestyle”

The first minute of EST Gee’s “Funk Flex Freestyle” is incredibly awkward. It’s not entirely clear if EST Gee is familiar with Funk Flex or vice versa, and they have this strange small talk where Flex gauges if he’s too optimistic about Covid-19 vaccinations, though EST Gee just doesn’t respond and (I assume) is transfixed by his own reflection in Funk Flex’s bald head. But that uneasiness disappears once the beat drops and the Louisville rapper locks into his comfort zone: “They know they can’t play us, niggas died they bring my name up/And

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Hiking in Maine: A sampler of cabin fever-reliever hikes on the coast, from York County to Lubec

The mountains may be choked with lingering winter snowpack, but along the coast from the beaches of York County to the pink granite peaks of Acadia to the bold headlands of Lubec, the trails are pretty much clear. Wet and muddy, perhaps, but snow-free for the most part.

It’s high time, then, to pack the rucksack, lace up the hiking shoes, and get on out there to enjoy some cabin fever-reliever spring hikes, enjoy some welcome exercise and soak in some warm sun. Do remember to wear your gaiters, as you’ll want to walk through the mud rather than around

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Ahead of busy travel season, airline and hotel workers say they are already stretched to their limit

As more Americans get vaccinated and more states lift their restrictive measures, the travel and tourism sector is already finding itself behind the curve, with employees from hotels to airport coffee shops saying they are stretched to their limit.

“Between January and today, the amount of people that are flying now is absolutely asinine, it’s crazy. I wasn’t expecting it, not yet, maybe summer,” said Dymond Blossom, a flight attendant for a regional subsidiary of American Airlines. As of March, her hours have nearly doubled, she said.

While Blossom said she is happy to see the airlines recovering, “mask policing”

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They met on a tall ship in the Baltic Sea

(CNN) — American student Nicole Erickson was about to embark on an epic round the world trip. Ahead of her lay two years of adventure that could change her life forever.

But fate had different ideas. The life-changing event happened before she’d even departed: she encountered a total stranger on a ship, and something unexpectedly clicked.

It was the summer of 1999 and 24-year-old Erickson, having just finished a two-year Fulbright scholarship in Germany, was in no hurry to head home.

“I wanted to travel around the world,” she tells CNN Travel today. “So, I took all my savings and
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A Deep Dive Into Mexican Regional Music : Alt.Latino : NPR

Legendary Mexican Regional band Los Tigres del Norte keeping it real at Kingsbridge Armory in the Bronx.

John Reilly/Courtesy of the artist

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John Reilly/Courtesy of the artist

Legendary Mexican Regional band Los Tigres del Norte keeping it real at Kingsbridge Armory in the Bronx.

John Reilly/Courtesy of the artist

When I was a teenager, I spent a summer playing drums with my uncle’s accordion conjunto, a small group of guitar, bass, drums and, of course, an accordion. We played standard Mexican bar music: cumbias, boleros and corridos…. lots of corridos.

Nowadays the record industry would

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