Fauci calls for unvaccinated Americans to be banned from air travel

Dr Anthony Fauci has backed the idea of banning unvaccinated people from air travel in the US.

“I would support that if you want to get on a plane and travel with other people, you should be vaccinated,” Dr Fauci, the director of the US’ National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, told the Skimm This podcast, according to The Hill. The podcast was taped last week and is set to be released on Thursday.

The support from Dr Fauci, who earlier led the Covid-19 task force, comes days after Democrat representative Don Beyer introduced a bill in the

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Air travel sees sharp decline as delta variant continues to derail vacation plans

Summer travel was the big bounce-back story for 2021, with Covid-weary American travelers spending $6 billion on domestic flights in June alone, swapping screen time for downtime.

The delta variant of the coronavirus rapidly changed all that.

Domestic online flight bookings in July fell to $5.26 billion, a 13 percent decline from the previous month and 16 percent below 2019 levels, according to data from Adobe’s Digital Economy Index.

And August numbers are falling even faster: In just the first three weeks of the month, August 1-21, $2.9 billion was spent online for domestic flights. That’s 33 percent below

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Air travel and Covid: three problems from readers

And now to air. Daniel Nagle was booked on an Air France flight from Paris to Dublin last week. At the boarding gate he asked for a paper version of the passenger locator form.

“The Air France staff at the gate said they had none and said you have to register online. I had done it before so started and tried about six to seven times and the Irish Government site hosting the server for the forms did not ‘respond’ several times and I had to start all over again,” he says.

“It all took time and as it got

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Six Predictions For Summer Air Travel

Summer officially begins on June 20, so families are well into thinking about travel plans. The airline business is largely optimistic about leisure travel this summer, with a lot of pent-up demand and some even think there is a concept called “revenge travel” in play. If families are ready to pack up and go, the airlines will have the seats and fares are quite attractive, so a bullish summer is possible. Possible isn’t certain, however.

With a return to travel can mean a number

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Summer flights need to know as air travel returns

A Southwest Airlines flight attendant delivered good news to passengers boarding the Providence, Rhode Island, to Chicago flight in mid-May.

“We’re not going to be completely full on this flight,” he said, directing those traveling solo to pick an aisle or window seat. “We’re spreading people out so you have a little extra elbow room.” 

Don’t expect to hear that refrain on summer flights as vacation season kicks off this weekend with Memorial Day getaways. The less-than-full flight was a blast from the pandemic past, when airlines left middle seats open in the name of social distancing and planes had

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Memorial Day air travel set to boom as a rapidly expanding airline industry rises to meet demand

American air travel is set to make a comeback with 60% more people expected to travel this Memorial Day weekend, compared to last year.

For some of the more than 37 million Americans likely to travel, an expanding airline industry now means a selection of new, cost-effective options. 

“$19 flight — doesn’t really get any cheaper than that,” says Memorial Day traveler Dylan Herrera.

That’s how Avelo Airlines CEO Andrew Levy is trying to boost demand for his new low-cost airline. 

“We’re trying to go out there and give customers choice,” Levy told CBS News’ transportation correspondent Errol Barnett. “We

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