A 550-mile mega hiking trail is coming to the Bay Area. ‘It’ll be like the Appalachian Trail’

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On a foggy June morning, Ross Heitkamp trekked with friends northward across the Golden Gate Bridge, wrapping up a two-year project to hike every available section of the 393-mile Bay Area Ridge Trail.

“We live in this heavily populated city area, and you only have to drive a little ways to get to this incredible hiking trail,” Heitkamp said. Some stretches trace city streets and cross bridges, but most of the route snakes through the hills encircling the bay. “Sometimes, it’s in a completely

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Finland to Finally Allow Non-Essential Travel for Arrivals From EU/Schengen Area From June 21

The Finnish authorities have announced that more relaxed entry restrictions will apply to arrivals from European Union Member States and Schengen Area countries.

In a press release issued by the Ministry of Interior of Finland, it was revealed that such a decision will apply to all citizens from EU/Schengen Area countries, provided that they have been vaccinated against the COVID-19 with one of the approved vaccines or have tested negative during the last six months.

Thus, in line with the new modifications, travellers from the EU/Schengen Area are allowed to enter Finland for non-essential purposes.

According to the Ministry, the

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Portugal Covid Travel to and From Lisbon Area Limited During Weekend

The Portuguese government will limit travel to and from the greater Lisbon area during the weekend following an increase in coronavirus cases in the region.

The restrictions on movement will apply from 3 p.m. on Friday, with exceptions including international travel, Presidency Minister Mariana Vieira da Silva said at a press conference in Lisbon on Thursday. “Apparently there is a greater prevalence of the delta variant” in the Lisbon region, the minister said.

The government is trying to contain a surge of infections around the capital city and had already said on June 9 that the next step of a

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Farm-to-Table beef key part of young Columbus area farmers’ operation

A farm-to-table component has become an integral part of young Columbus-area farmer Bryan Guenther’s operation. At the Countyline Cattle operation he operates with his wife Sheri, he raises around 50 head of steers. She is in charge of running the website and social media sites (a job he gladly handed over to her) that help make this part of their farming operation a success.

“I told her you deal with Facebook and the website,” he says with a laugh.

Bryan took over the farming operation from his parents Dan and Diane Guenther, who are recently retired but still live on

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10 bucket-list hikes in the San Antonio area

Lifestyle // Travel & Outdoors

Blanco State Park

Dale Blasingame / For the Express-News

There are so many hiking trails in and around San Antonio, it is difficult to come up with a definitive list of the best.

Not only do city parks offer great hiking experiences, there are plenty in the South-Central Texas region that are worth a day trip.

Some offer unique experiences — think dinosaur footprints at Government Canyon and spectacular city skyline views at Comanche Lookout. Another park is known for its abandoned railroad tunnel

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Bay Area surfing, farming pioneer Betty Van Dyke passes away

Betty Ann Van Dyke was part of a pioneering Cupertino farming family and later became one of the few women to surf in Santa Cruz in the 1950s and 60s.

She went from helping grow Blenheim apricots and Bing cherries to lugging long surfboards into the frigid waters before the invention of wetsuits.

Van Dyke, who was also was part of California’s organic farming movement, died on April 20 in Aptos, according to her family.

“She broke into the produce industry when it was dominated by men,” son Peter Van Dyke said Sunday. “She made some waves but earned respect.”

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