Is it ethical to travel right now? Experts on flying in the age of Delta | US news

A new season is here and, with it, seedlings of holiday escape plans to some sun-drenched beach or snowy mountain ski slope. In view of passenger data from the US and the UK, air travel is on its way toward recovering from the slump of a pre-vaccine Covid-19 pandemic – despite the rise of the Delta variant.

But does that mean it’s a good idea to buy that plane ticket, even if you’re vaccinated? And if you’re comfortable assuming some degree of personal risk, is it unethical to do so?

Kelly Hills: The short answer is that it

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‘No chance’ of country going on red list at next review as Covid cases drop, experts say

Travel experts have said they are confident the Government will not add Spain to the red list as the country’s infection rate is dropping and doing so could risk the collapse of the hotel quarantine system.

Spain is currently in the amber list but there had been concerns it could be moved up to red at the next travel review, after data showed a high proportion of travellers returning from the country had tested positive for Covid. 

However, latest figures published on Thursday showed Spain’s 14-day average case rate is at 457 infections per 100,000 people, down from 604 the

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Regenerative farming shift could reduce UK climate emissions, say experts | Farming

There is growing momentum behind a shift to ‘regenerative’ agriculture in the UK, which can help to mitigate the climate crisis, say leading experts in the sector.

“More and more people are seeing other farmers doing it [regenerative farming] and are happier for it,” said John Cherry, who founded Groundswell, the UK’s flagship event for regenerative agriculture, on his farm in Hertfordshire. “People may be getting a higher yield with conventional approaches, but it is costing them more too with all the inputs, so they are not making more money.”

Minette Batters, head of the National Farmers’ Union, has

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Smartphone Directions May Put Novice Hikers in Danger, Experts Say

For inexperienced hikers, smartphones are a multipurpose tool: a flashlight, an emergency beacon and a GPS, all in one device. But it can be ill-advised, and possibly life-threatening, for hikers to rely solely on their phones as they head into the wilderness, experts say.

Apps and online maps have disoriented hikers on both sides of the Atlantic.

In Scotland, mountaineers are warning visitors that Google Maps may direct them toward “potentially fatal” trails that would force them to trek over cliffs and rocky, steep terrain.

A number of visitors recently have relied on Google Maps to reach the summit of

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Colorado native escapes lightning on 14er, experts encourage summer hiking safety

DENVER — Claire Harris, a Colorado native, has hiked 27 of the state’s peaks above 14,000 feet — called 14ers — but she’s never encountered a storm at the summit until this past Friday.

“We almost got struck by lightning,” Harris said.

On June 2, Harris and her friend headed out to hike Mount Shavano with a clear forecast, making it to the summit at 10:30 a.m. before things went awry.

“I leaned back on the rock and immediately got shocked, and the couple next to us stepped on a rock and it sounded like an electric wire fell. It

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These Are the 10 Local Artists Portland Music Experts Say You’ve Got to Hear

There’s never been a weirder year for Portland music.

Clubs shut down, tours were canceled, whole festivals got scrapped. Bands couldn’t even get together in the same room to practice. Sure, it was still possible to upload a quarantine bedroom project to Bandcamp. But Portland is a city that thrives on live music—and for more than a year, the city was silent.

Of course, that doesn’t mean Portlanders stopped making music. It only made it harder to find.

That’s why we approached our annual Best New Bands issue a little differently this year. Instead of a wide-ranging poll of music

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Best hiking footwear for men and women, according to experts

The first Saturday in June marks National Trails Day (NTD), launched by the American Hiking Society (AHS) and the trails community over two decades ago to recognize national, state and local trails across the country. It encourages NTD-themed muscle-powered events, such as hikes, bike rides and paddle trips, according to Wesley Trimble, the communications and creative director of the AHS. Whether you’re planning to participate or simply want to get hiking-ready for the warmer summer months, you’ll likely need the right gear to get started — among your options is appropriate hiking footwear to keep your feet safe and

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