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My grandparents received exactly one paycheck per year, usually in mid-August when they took calves to market. I was probably 5 or 6 years old the first time I got to go to the sale and sit in the grandstand as the cattle were auctioned off in lots.

I don’t remember much from the sale, other than the auctioneer’s cadence was pleasing even if it didn’t make much sense to me. It was the conversation with my grandparents as we were leaving the parking lot that’s stayed with me. It was a good year, and my grandmother said she’d picked

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The future of vertical farming is brighter than once thought

Vertical farming, a system for growing food without soil or sun that for decades has thrived mainly in sci-fi films and the International Space Station, is going mainstream. AeroFarms is poised to be the first vertical-farming startup to be listed on the Nasdaq in the next month after it completes a merger with Spring Valley Acquisition Corp. Its products—leafy greens grown in a former steel mill in downtown Newark, New Jersey—are sold in chains in and around New York City, from Walmart to Whole Foods. Founded in 2004, AeroFarms is rolling out its boxes of greens to more stores in

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Tanzania: Organic Farming Pays, Attests Young Investor in Spice Crops

Dar es Salaam — While most young people see agriculture as devoid of instant gains – and do not give it a second glance – it is altogether a different kettle of fish for Maurice Awiti (29), as he believes that the sector has many opportunities that are yet to be fully harnessed.

As a result, the young man has taken up farming in earnest as part and parcel of his life’s activities. Today, Mr Awiti is a relatively good exporter of various spices from his own farms.

The young Awiti said the government is now on the right track

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Is the biggest greenhouse in the US the future of farming?

The global population is headed toward 10 billion people by 2050, and the UN predicts that we will need to produce 70% more food to feed them. Jonathan Webb, founder and CEO of AppHarvest, believes AI-powered greenhouses are a solution.

“We have to figure out how to grow a lot more food with a lot less resources, all the while in the middle of climate disruption,” says Webb. “We can do that by using technology.”

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Concentrate farming to leave room for species and carbon, better than ‘eco-friendly’ agriculture — ScienceDaily

Farming should be as high-yield as possible so it can be limited to relatively small areas, allowing much more land to be left as natural habitats while still meeting future food targets, according to a major new analysis of over a decade of research.

Most species fare better under this “land sparing” approach than if farming tries to share land with nature — as wildlife-friendly agriculture still damages most biodiversity and requires far more land to produce the same amount of food.

This is the conclusion of research that takes into account over 2,500 individually assessed plant, insect and vertebrate

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Young Africans are fleeing farming. Agritech can bring them back

Young Africans are fleeing farming. Agritech can bring them back | African Arguments

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‘Digital farming’ aims to cut emissions, toxic runoff

First in a two-part series. Click here for the second part.

A climate revolution is starting to take root in the agricultural industry.

And it’s all due to a growing interest in synthetic microbes.

Advocates say these custom-designed microbes — when applied to either seeds or fields — can help corn, wheat and rice draw more nitrogen from the air. That means farmers won’t have to use as much chemical fertilizer.

The climate potential is significant. If farmers start to broadly use these microbes, supporters say, it could cut the planet’s greenhouse gases by 3 percent. As a bonus, synthetic

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FG to create wealth, employment, massive food production through all-season farming


By Demola Akinyemi ,Ilorin

Federal Government has said that it would ensure massive food production, employment and wealth creation through all-season farming through the irrigation system.

Minister of Water Resources Suleiman Adamu said this in Ilorin, Kwara state capital on Tuesday at the opening of the North-Central regional workshop on establishment/strengthening of water association for management of public irrigation schemes.

Said Engr. Adamu: “We have also taken a giant stride towards attaining food sufficiency and security. This is achievable through irrigated

agriculture by promoting all-season farming, which is also one of the primary mandates of the department of irrigation

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The exclusivity of farming

I consider myself a different kind of farmer. Well, I do now. I didn’t label myself as such until I started sharing about our farm on social media. I mean, everyone thinks they’re normal until they start comparing themselves to others, right? At first, I was pretty self-conscious about it. I worked hard to be accepted as an intelligent source about dairy farming while still being myself. The hardest part was garnering the acceptance I craved from other farmers. I wanted them to see that while I was wearing stick-on mustaches and talking in silly accents, I was also spreading

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Indigo pays 267 farmers for carbon farming program

Indigo Ag disburses its initial payments to the inaugural cohort of Carbon by Indigo participants.

The 267 paid growers are the first to implement on-farm practice changes and provide the data required to ensure the rigorous measurement and validation of resulting emissions reduction and removals according to registry protocols. In doing so, they have helped pave a path for the scaled production of carbon credits as a new income stream for farmers, demonstrating the emerging market’s potential as a real and meaningful instrument for mitigating the drivers of climate change.

Carbon by Indigo provides outcomes-based, direct payments to growers at

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