Hiking in Maine: A hiker’s guide to some great island adventures along Maine’s coast

The geographic expanse of Maine’s coastline ranges some 230 miles from Kittery to Lubec, as the crow flies, but an incredible 3,500 miles when every nook and cranny and 2,400 islands are accounted for along the Gulf of Maine between New Hampshire and New Brunswick, Canada. Most of Maine’s islands are remote and uninhabited, but a good many are accessible by public and private ferries, bridges and causeways.

Make a visit offshore and you’ll be transported to “island time,” where the pace of life seems slower and more relaxed, just right for a few hours of recreation and leisure time.

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18-year-old hikers reunited with families after getting lost in the dark


HONOLULU (KHON2) — Honolulu firefighters rescued three 18 year olds Thursday from Aihualama Trail in Manoa after the hikers found it was too dark to locate their way back.

Calls for the lost hikers came in at approximately 7:14 p.m. Four resource units, staffed with 12 personnel, responded to the scene.

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The group said they began hiking at 6 p.m., but weather and lack of gear such

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As Hikers Vanish in Southern Australia, These Mountains Hold Tight to Their Mysteries

MERRIJIG, Australia — A blanket of fog hanging before him, Lachlan Culican saddled up his horse one autumn morning and set off into the remote high country of southern Australia to find two campers gone missing.

Arriving at the grassy plain where they had pitched their tent, Mr. Culican was taken aback by what he saw. The campsite was burned to the ground, with the campers’ charred belongings heaped in a pile. Deer carcasses were strewn about the valley. The campers were nowhere to be found.

“There was nothing natural about it,” said Mr. Culican, a 26-year-old cattle herder.


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Smartphone Directions May Put Novice Hikers in Danger, Experts Say

For inexperienced hikers, smartphones are a multipurpose tool: a flashlight, an emergency beacon and a GPS, all in one device. But it can be ill-advised, and possibly life-threatening, for hikers to rely solely on their phones as they head into the wilderness, experts say.

Apps and online maps have disoriented hikers on both sides of the Atlantic.

In Scotland, mountaineers are warning visitors that Google Maps may direct them toward “potentially fatal” trails that would force them to trek over cliffs and rocky, steep terrain.

A number of visitors recently have relied on Google Maps to reach the summit of

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Four hikers injured in avalanche on Torreys Peak near Georgetown

Four hikers were injured when they were caught in an avalanche on a Colorado peak, authorities said Sunday.

The Clear Creek County Sheriff’s Office said it received a report of people being swept into a rock field by an avalanche just after 9 a.m. Sunday on Torreys Peak, a popular hiking spot near Georgetown.

The hikers sustained minor injuries and were able to leave the mountain on their own or were evacuated, Undersheriff Bruce Snelling said.

Some Colorado peaks hold snow well into the summer, and avalanches can occur at any time of the year.

Thirty-seven people have been killed

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24 Hikers Rescued After Attempting Peak in New Mexico’s Organ Mountains

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A combination of firefighters and wilderness response teams rescued a large group of hikers in New Mexico’s Organ Mountains this past Monday, after the party got stuck during an attempt to climb an ambitious route in the desert range.

The party of 24, which included teenagers and hikers in their 60s, had left from El Paso, Texas with the goal of climbing the 9,012-foot Organ Needle. While the route to the top of the peak—a county high point—is less than six miles, it can be brutally difficult, gaining more than

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Lightning Out of the Blue is a Danger for Hikers

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Most hikers know that thunderstorms pose a serious threat. We’re taught to be wary of lightning strikes, and to get off high peaks and seek shelter when we hear the rumble of thunder. You may have been taught the old counting rule: Count the seconds between a flash of lightning and a rumble of thunder. Each second you count represents a fifth of a mile between you and the storm (15 seconds means the storm is 3 miles away, 5 seconds means the storm is a

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Hikers have standoff with black bear near Seward

The odds of getting attacked by a bear are one in over two million. That’s why Sarah Wallner, who was mauled by a grizzly in 2007, could not believe her misfortune when she and two friends ended up in a standoff with a black bear at Tonsina Creek, near Seward, on Thursday. 

The black bear after the standoff (Photo courtesy Regina Green)

“Oh, not again. This is not happening,” Wallner remembers thinking. “Like, this is not supposed to happen again.”

All three were OK, as was the bear, who just suffered from some mace in the face. But the hikers

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Two hikers rescued from Williamstown trail | Local News

WILLIAMSTOWN — Two hikers who got lost Tuesday night while walking the Phelps Trail were rescued by the Williamstown Forest Warden Department. 

No one was injured, the wardens said Wednesday morning in a Facebook post.

The hikers had originally been walking the Taconic Crest Trail and then moved to the Phelps Trail off Oblong Road. As it got dark, the hikers — who didn’t have flashlights — became tired, got lost and then called for assistance around 8:30 p.m.

A crew of four rescuers found the hikers after walking on the trail for about 30 minutes and guided them out.

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