Smartphone Directions May Put Novice Hikers in Danger, Experts Say

For inexperienced hikers, smartphones are a multipurpose tool: a flashlight, an emergency beacon and a GPS, all in one device. But it can be ill-advised, and possibly life-threatening, for hikers to rely solely on their phones as they head into the wilderness, experts say.

Apps and online maps have disoriented hikers on both sides of the Atlantic.

In Scotland, mountaineers are warning visitors that Google Maps may direct them toward “potentially fatal” trails that would force them to trek over cliffs and rocky, steep terrain.

A number of visitors recently have relied on Google Maps to reach the summit of

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Sonoma supes put a lid on pot farming

Sonoma County supervisors Tuesday unanimously rejected a proposed ordinance that would have made it easier for businesses to get permits to grow cannabis, opting for a comprehensive environmental impact report.

The 5-0 vote took place amid a torrent of public resistance including a threatened lawsuit, at least two opposition websites and a demonstration outside the county government center Monday. Residents objected to what they saw as the potential proliferation of pot farms in the county, while cannabis growers had hoped for eased regulations.

“It’s time to do a more extensive outreach to the community and a more thoughtful analysis of

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