Tough summer has crops limping into fall

XtremeAg farmers Chad Henderson, Lee Lubbers, and Dan Luepkes are ready to end a very tough 2021 season as their crops face hurricanes, hot temperatures, and wind events in the final weeks before harvest.  

Chad Henderson – Madison, Alabama

Chad Henderson is a part of a five-generation farming operation in Madison, Alabama. Henderson Farms operates over 8,000 acres of dryland and irrigated corn, dryland soybeans, wheat, and dryland and irrigated double-crop soybeans. When not farming, Chad can be found carrying on another proud family tradition as a drag racer for Henderson Racing.

We are keeping a close eye on the

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Here are some Berkeley hiking trails to tackle this summer

Living in the Berkeley area comes with its fair share of perks, one of them being access to beautiful hiking trails and amazing weather. Personally speaking, I find that spending time outdoors and breaking a sweat is one of the most rejuvenating and stress-relieving activities you can do. As an avid hiker, I’m always in the mood for exploring new routes and the unique flora and fauna they have to offer. The Daily Clog previously published a list of five hiking trails you should explore in 2018, and I thought it deserved an update. Without further ado, here are a

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Is summer travel safe with delta Covid variant? Safety tips and rules

As summer winds down, the highly transmissible delta variant of SARS-CoV-2, which is now dominant in the U.S., is prompting questions about everything from when it will be safe to return to work to how to keep children safe in schools.

For many people, summer travel plans are also in limbo.

On Tuesday, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention changed its guidelines for fully vaccinated people, advising that they wear masks indoors in places where there are high or substantial rates of transmission. The counties that meet that criteria make up about two-thirds of the U.S. population, according to

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Travel, Glamping and Summer Fun | The 21st Show

Summer time is travel time. With Illinois in Phase 5 — and a slim majority of eligible Illinoisans fully vaccinated — more and more people are planning summer vacations. The 21st was joined by travel writer Erica Zazo to hear about summer destinations, her recent “glamping” experience, and late-pandemic travel tips.


Erica Zazo • @onecurioustrvlr
Outdoor Travel Writer (Backpacker, Group Tour)
Chicago Chapter Lead, Mappy Hour




Prepared for web by Zainab Qureshi

Help shape our coverage on The

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Colorado native escapes lightning on 14er, experts encourage summer hiking safety

DENVER — Claire Harris, a Colorado native, has hiked 27 of the state’s peaks above 14,000 feet — called 14ers — but she’s never encountered a storm at the summit until this past Friday.

“We almost got struck by lightning,” Harris said.

On June 2, Harris and her friend headed out to hike Mount Shavano with a clear forecast, making it to the summit at 10:30 a.m. before things went awry.

“I leaned back on the rock and immediately got shocked, and the couple next to us stepped on a rock and it sounded like an electric wire fell. It

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‘Summer of Soul’ Review: In 1969 Harlem, a Music Festival Stuns

Staples goes first, alone and a-blast. Jackson follows her with equal force and in defiance of whatever had been ailing her. Then together — Jackson refulgent in a fuchsia gown with a gold diamond emblazoned below her bosom; Staples in something short, lacy, belted and white — they embark on the single most astounding duet I’ve ever heard, seen or felt. They share the microphone. They pass it between them. Howling, moaning, wailing, hopping, but well within the song’s generous contours and, somehow, in control of themselves. My tears weren’t jerked as I watched. The ducts simply gave way, and

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Hiking the Grand Canyon in the Summer: How to do it

Grand Canyon National Park trails never close due to extreme hot weather. But just because they are always open, does not mean you should go.

Arizona has seen record temperatures in recent weeks and its only June. Those record highs can be life threatening if you are unprepared and don’t take the weather seriously.

Temperatures also vary significantly from the rim of the Grand Canyon to the bottom. It can be 80 degrees when you start your hike, but the temperature will quickly increase as you descend. If safety measures aren’t taken, any unprepared hiker can be affected by

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Hostels, tour companies prepare for a summer without Australians

Imagine a European youth hostel without any Australian backpackers. Picture a trans-continental bus tour with none of those familiar accents.

That’s what awaits this summer in Europe as the continent emerges from COVID-19 lockdowns and winter hibernation. The expectation is that travellers are about to return, and that this will be the beginning of the new, post-vaccine normal. Only, with no Australians.

For the companies who would usually rely on the annual influx of Antipodean visitors,

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Don’t Let Cancer Keep You From Hiking This Summer

Recently, my hiking group decided to go on a big adventure. Rather than a trail near home, our destination was Cumberland Gap National Park, about two hours from where I live. We would focus on the Ewing and Ridgeline trails with access to White Rocks and Sand Cave. While I can hike until the cows come home, I was worried about this trip because it was outside my comfort zone.

White Rocks, high atop the eastern edge of the Cumberland ridge, was a daunting destination (for me). Looking at photographs of a ladder I would have to climb to access

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Six Predictions For Summer Air Travel

Summer officially begins on June 20, so families are well into thinking about travel plans. The airline business is largely optimistic about leisure travel this summer, with a lot of pent-up demand and some even think there is a concept called “revenge travel” in play. If families are ready to pack up and go, the airlines will have the seats and fares are quite attractive, so a bullish summer is possible. Possible isn’t certain, however.

With a return to travel can mean a number

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